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For consistency vis-a-vis bustle/hurry/restless.
|Turn Tail Pokémon
|RestlessBustling Pokémon
* The previous term, "species", should not be confused with a [[Pokémon (species)|Pokémon species]], since several different Pokémon can be identified by the same category in the Pokédex, no matter how distantly related. This term should also not be confused with the real world definition of {{wp|species}}.
* Eight species of Pokémon are known as the Dragon Pokémon, making it the category with the most Pokémon species.
* Wimpod and Golisopod's categories in Japanese comprise a pun: the kana (そうこうポケモン ''soukou Pokémon'') can be interpreted as either 倉皇 (hurrybustle or bustlehurry) or 装甲 (armored).
==In other languages==