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N's Darmanitan
==List of event Pokémon==
===Nebel Volcanion===
This Volcanion [ was] [ distributed] to players who inserted a serial code that could be obtained by exchanging a movie ticket to see [[M19]] for a serial code card at [三創數位生活園區 Syntrend Creative Park] and at participating [ Funbox] stores in Taiwan from November 18 to December 15, 2016. The serial codes could be used to obtain Volcanion from November 18 to December 15, 2016 on a Japanese, PAL, or Taiwanese region system.
|ability=Water Absorb
|met=Pokémon Movie 16
|item=Rage Candy Bar
|move1=Steam Eruption|move1type=Water|move1cat=Special|move1rel=yes
|move3=Hydro Pump|move3type=Water|move3cat=Special|move3rel=yes
{{G6event/entrybottom|xyoras|serial code|Japanese, PAL, and Taiwanese|online|November 18 to December 15, 2016}}
In all languages, the distribution text and title are in Japanese, but the Wonder Card uses the {{DL|List of Wonder Cards in Generation VI|2016 Pokémon Movie}} type text in the language of the receiving game.
title=ボルケニオン プレゼント|
msg=ポケモン{{tt|映画|えいが}}2016を<br/>{{tt|観|み}}に{{tt|来|き}}てくれて ありがとう!<br/>おくりものは ポケモンセンターにいる<br/>{{tt|配達員|はいたついん}}から {{tt|受|う}}け{{tt|取|と}}ってね!|
desc=ことしの えいがの しゅやくポケモン<br/>ばくねつの ボルケニオンを プレゼント!<br/>スチームバーストで ぶっとばせ!}}
===N's Darmanitan===
{{bulbanews|Unova Classic Wi-Fi competition announced}}