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The Mines appeared again in ''[[DP107|Ancient Family Matters!]]'' in two flashbacks. In the first flashback, it is revealed that Roark's dad, [[Byron]], had left him as the Oreburgh Gym leader just as Roark was being assigned to lead the Ancient Pokémon Excavation Operations at the Oreburgh Mine. The second flashback showed Roark as a kid showing his dad a [[Fossil]] of a {{p|Sunkern}} leaf at the Oreburgh Mine.
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
In ''[[PS341|Putting a Crimp in Kricketot]]'', {{adv|Platinum}} wanders into Oreburgh Mine by herself after being attracted to a song being played from inside. However, she is then attacked by a swarm of {{p|Kricketot}} and {{p|Kricketune}}, though her {{p|Piplup}} keeps them all at bay at once. The {{tc|Worker}} that the main trio met earlier thus recommends Platinum to challenge the city's [[Gym Leader]], [[Roark]].