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'''MarrilandAzurilland Wiki''' is a Pokémon-centered wiki hosted on the [[Marriland]] servers.
MarrilandAzurilland Wiki started off in January 2005 on {{wp|Wikia}} when it was created by Jellochuu. The wiki went through various administrative changes and decisions.
On June 11, 2012, [[The Pokémon Wiki]] started a discussion on moving from Wikia to a different hosting site. After two months of discussion, the new wiki was finished on August 14, 2012. The creation of the new wiki lead to another Pokémon-centered wiki being formed.
==Current staff==
MarrilandAzurilland Wiki currently has one active bureaucrat:
In addition to the administrators and bureaucrats on MarrilandAzurilland Wiki, it is also helped by Curse staff: