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When Kukui asks the {{player}} to battle Guzma, the boss takes notice of their [[Z-Ring]], and asks why they're taking on the island challenge before immediately dismissing it and accepting Kukui's terms. The player wins, and Guzma leaves, saying he'll remember the encounter. The player, in an attempt to retrieve a stolen {{p|Yungoos}}, encounters Guzma again at [[Team Skull]]'s hideout in [[Po Town]]. After the player beats Guzma, he vows to defeat the player.
The player later fights Guzma for the third time at [[Aether Paradise]], after he defeats [[Gladion]]. After Guzma is beaten, he lets the player pass,moving into Lusamine's room. After [[Lusamine]] opens an Ultra Wormhole,summoning ultra beasts all over Alola, Guzma appears to make sure the experiment was a success. He is then battled by Hau while the player battles Lusamine. No matttermatter what the outcome of this battle is, Lusamine notices that the wormhole is closing, and she and Guzma disappear inside of it.
Later,when the player enters the ultra wormhole for themselves,Guzma is seen,and he tells [[Lillie]] and the player that Lusamine has lost the ability to be reasoned with,and talks about how he was possessed by a [[{{p|Nihilego]]}}, causing him to feel fear for the first time. After the player defeats Lusamine again,[[ {{p|Solgaleo]]}}/[[{{p|Lunala]]}} transports everyone back to the Alter[[Altar of the Sunne]]/[[Altar of the Moone|Moone]] where they see [[Hapu]], who instructs Guzma to place Lusamine on her [[{{p|Mudsdale]]}}.
After the player becomes the champion of Alola, Guzma goes can be found in his parents house on [[Route {{rt|2]]|Alola}}, where he will tell the player to come to the [[Hau'oli City]] beachfront to battle. After he is defeated here, [[Hala]] comes and reprimands Guzma for not being able to recognize his opponents strength. Hala then says that he will "make a fine trainer out of him" to make up for the bad things that he and Team Skull caused. Guzma then walks off,but not before giving the player his lucky charm, a [[{{DL|Evolutionary stone|Dawn Stone]]}}. He also participates as a Trainer in the [[Battle Tree]].