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Sootopolis City

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
After [[Maxie]] awakened {{DL|Super-ancient Pokémon (Adventures)|Groudon}} and {{DL|Super-ancient Pokémon (Adventures)|Kyogre}} at the [[Seafloor Cavern]], the two [[Legendary Pokémon]] eventually came face to face in Sootopolis City, where they began a fierce battle with each other. In order to prevent the immense energy resulted by the battle from going out of control, {{Steven}} and the [[Elite Four]] used the {{TP|Brandon|legendary titans}} to contain the energy in Sootopolis City. Eventually, the battle was stopped by {{adv|Ruby}} and {{DL|Super-ancient Pokémon (Adventures)|Rayquaza}}.
Sootopolis City reappeared in [[PAORAS19]]the {{chap|Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire}}, where [[Zinnia]] was taken there after Rayquaza rejected her offer to join her in order to destroy the meteoroid headed for Hoenn. Upon {{adv|Emerald}}'s request, Zinnia agrees to work alongside the Stones, [[Mr. Stone|Joseph]] and [[Steven]], for a solution to avert the impending apocalypse. Eventually a plan was devised which involved the Hoenn [[Gym Leaders]], [[Elite Four]] and [[Frontier Brains]], as well as the [[Draconid]]s, {{adv|Red}} and {{adv|Green}}, all standing by at Sootopolis to launch a combined attack towards the meteoroid.