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[[File:Blake XY045.png|thumb|250px|Blake]]
'''Blake''' (Japanese: '''リュウジ''' ''Ryūji'') is one of the [[character of the day|characters of the day]] who appeared in ''[[XY045|Splitting Heirs!]]''. He is the younger brother of {{OBP|Heath|XY045}}. His character is voiced by English voice actor Wayne Grayson.
When they were young, Blake and Heath used to go on adventures, often getting themselves scratched up. They used to get along very well, and eventually both got an {{p|Espurr}} from [[Blake and Heath's parents|their father]]. However, after their Espurr both evolved into {{p|Meowstic}}, they started to quarrel often. Wanting to prove himself to his brother and father, he left home to go on a journey.