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Solgaleo (Pokémon)

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Solgaleo is based on {{wp|Lion and Sun|a lion with a sun motif}}, a fairly common motif in many Western and Middle-Eastern cultures. In particular Solgaleo might reference the {{wp|Suns in alchemy|alchemical lion}}, being described as "devouring the sun", as well as connected to metals via its Steel-type. Finally, being the emissary rather than personification of the sun as well as being able to pass through different dimensions, Solgaleo might lend some inspiration from the {{wp|eye of Ra}}, a goddess usually described as a lion that is the sun's protector in Egyptian mythology as it travels through the underworld.
Its appearance seems to be based on a {{wp|space_suit|space suit}}, particularly some of the {{wp|Apollo_program|Apollo program's}} suits. This might be a reference to {{wp|Apollo}}, the greek and roman god of Sun.
====Name origin====