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|effect2=Give to thirsty girl at [[Celadon Department Store]] in exchange for {{TM|13|Ice Beam}}{{sup/1|RBY}} or {{TM|16|Light Screen}}.{{sup/3|FRLG}}
Give to the [[Saffron City]] guards to be granted access to the city.{{sup/1|RBY}}<br>
Give five to the thirsty guy at each of the Unova bridges, starting and ending with [[Skyarrow Bridge]], in exchange for twelve bottles of MooMoo Milk.{{sup/5|B2W2}}<br>Give to the woman at the entrance to [[Haina Desert]] in exchange for three [[{{DL|In-battle effect item#|Adrenaline Orb|Adrenaline Orbs]]}}s.{{sup/7|SM}}
|descstad=Restores HP that have been lost in battle by 50 HP.
|descgsc=Restores <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>mon</sc> HP by 50.