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Team Skull

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In Pokémon Sun and Moon
Team Skull originated from a group that coalesced around one of Alola's kahunas. This group provoked the wrath of the four island deities and was struck down. The survivors became the first members of Team Skull. At some point, Team Skull took over [[Po Town]] on [[Ula'ula Island]], driving away the original residents.
After [[Guzma]] is rescued from [[Ultra Space]] by the player, he disbands Team Skull and its members go their separate ways. Guzma returns to his parents' house on [[Melemele Island]], while [[Plumeria]] takes up residence in a camper on [[Alola Route {{rt|13|Route 13]]Alola}} and later challenges the Alola [[Pokémon League (Alola){{al|Pokémon League]]}}. One Grunt becomes an apprentice chef under [[Mallow]] in [[Konikoni City]], while two others in the Po Town Pokémon Center offer a Skull Tank for sale in order for them to make enough money to leave.
==In the anime==