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In ''[[XY112|Master Class is in Session!]]'', Jessie used Gourgeist in the first round of the {{ci|Gloire}} Master Class Pokémon Showcase, where she faced off against [[Nini]]'s {{p|Smoochum}} and [[Concetta]]'s {{p|Scraggy}}. Firing off multiple Shadow Balls resulted in beautiful sparkles and bursts of purple smoke. This performance gained the most votes from the audience, causing Jessie to advance to the second round. In [[XY113|the following episode]], after Jessie had won in the second round, Gourgeist was used alongside Meowth in the semi-finals. She created massive tree-like roots using Leech Seed, while Jessie and her Pokémon danced around. The roots then formed a tower with Jessie on top and Gourgeist used Seed Bomb to create fireworks. After Meowth destroyed the roots with {{m|Fury Swipes}}, Jessie and her Pokémon landed on the ground, finishing their performance. In the end, however, {{an|Serena}} earned the most votes, causing Jessie to end up in Top 4.
When {{TRT}}, Serena, [[Mairin]], and [[Professor Sycamore]] infiltrated [[Lysandre Labs]] in ''[[XY134|The Right Hero for the Right Job!]]'', Gourgeist was sent out, alongside Inkay, to battle [[Celosia]]'s {{p|Drapion}}. Gourgeist was sent out in ''[[XY136|Forming a More Perfect Union!]]'' to fight the Megalith {{p|Zygarde}}, fending off its roots to clear the way for Ash and [[Alain]]. One of the roots, however, blasted Gourgeist and her Team members out of the helicopter, but they were saved by [[Diantha's Gardevoir]].
In ''[[XY138|The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!]]'', Gourgeist, along with her Trainer, [[Shauna]], [[Serena]], and their respective Pokémon, performed for a crowd of Lumiose citizens.
Following the Team Rocket trio's journey in [[Kalos]], Jessie left Gourgeist at {{an|Team Rocket HQ}}.