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The sun rises to mark the beginning of a new day. Larvitar wakes Ash up to show him that the Unown is now completely recovered, happily dancing in the air around them. Larvitar is happy with Unown getting better, but as Misty tries to congratulate Larvitar for the work well done, it {{m|Harden}}s itself once again, and is pushed away by Pikachu. Brock points out that Larvitar must still be a bit shy towards most humans. Larvitar quickly de-Hardens, and is thanked by the Unown. Brock comments that as a return, Unown is now wanting to take care of Larvitar. However, their sweet moment is then cut short when {{MTR}} greets them, with still sleepy Jessie and [[James]] on his sides. While Meowth urges them to snap out of it, the gang is more surprised of Team Rocket's sleepiness than their presence. Team Rocket starts their {{motto}}, which slowly gets from slow motion to full speed as they do their morning duties and exercise while reciting it. With the motto completed, the trio is now targeting for the Unown. Ash naturally refuses to hand it over, to which Team Rocket responds to by pulling out their [[Poké Ball]]s, preparing for a {{pkmn|battle}}. Ash tells Larvitar to use {{m|Hidden Power}}, but Jessie cleverly calls her {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} to use {{m|Counter}} to reflect the attack. As the reflected and double-powered Hidden Power is blasting towards Ash and the others, the Unown suddenly starts glowing brightly, creating a glowing energy field around itself. When the reflected attack hits it, a tremendous explosion occurs, sending Team Rocket blasting off again. However, when the smoke clears, Ash and {{ashfr}}, their Pokémon, and the Unown are no longer in the campsite.
Ash slowly regains his consciousness, noticing that he is not where he just was, but instead sitting on what looks like the top of a giant, green {{pkmn|Egg}} shell, which is floating in a green void, full of other floating fragments of green Egg shells. He looks around and calls for the Pikachu and Larvitar. Brock and Misty quickly join him, also floating on the same kind off Egg shells. They wonder where they are, and Brock thinks that they must be in another dimension. He explains that right before Wobbuffet's Counter attack hit them, the Unown had started glowing, which might have been a defense mechanism, which threw them into a different universe. Misty is slightly confused, as this wasn't at all what she saw in Unown's mind. Suddenly, they hear loud, ground-shaking footsteps, which seem to be getting closer. Misty points out into the distance, where a huge figure is walking towards them. Ash and the others are stunned as the figure reaches them, revealing itself to be Pikachu, now at least ten times bigger than normal, towering above the trio. Togepi then also shows up, being giant as well. It is about to crush them with a giant hug, but luckily, Pikachu catches Togepi with itshis tail, saving our heroes. Now that Pikachu and Togepi have been found, the trio decides to go search for Larvitar.
Our heroes take a ride on their giant Pokémon and start wandering around the extraordinary landscape, calling for Larvitar. Suddenly, without warning, two pairs of yellow horns stick out of the ground, raising them high into the air. Then a familiar song starts playing, which Misty recognizes as the theme song of the {{p|Electabuzz}} [[baseball]] team. They also see that multiple tops of {{p|Elekid}}'s head floating around them, making the scene even more weird. Suddenly, a red flame stars {{m|Fire Spin|spiraling}} around them. At first, Ash and Brock flail in pain, before realisingrealizing that there is no pain, as the fire doesn't seem to burn at all. The flames then form a ring of fire before them, out of which a {{p|Magby}} looks at them and then shoots another flame at them, changing the scene yet again, this time making them float through a swarm of {{p|Shellder}}, which look like the spiral shells that are riding on top of the heads of {{p|Slowking}}. Ash and his friends realize that they have been seeing Pokémon that they've encountered recently, meaning that they aren't just in ''any'' dimension. A giant Slowking then appears before them and opens its big mouth wide open, swallowing everybody as they float into it.
The trio and their Pokémon find themselves right in the place where they started. Pikachu notices something, and leads everybody to a big, green Egg standing in the middle of the landscape. Pikachu lands on all fours, allowing Ash and Brock to climb off itshis head, while Misty climbs off Togepi. The Egg is full of small, glowing cracks, and Ash peers into one of them, only to see ''himself'' inside of it. Misty and Brock peer into other cracks, and see themselves as well. However, Ash is the only one in color, while Brock and Misty appear in black and white. When the picture of Misty leans closer to the crack, it suddenly freezes in its place. Brock suddenly understands that they are in the middle of Larvitar's memories, having seen things that they've encountered together, and now seeing how Larvitar sees ''them''. Ash understands that this must be the reason why they cannot find Larvitar, and Brock explains that the Unown is absent as well because its mind must have merged with Larvitar's, creating the place they are now inside of. With all this explained, Ash wonders about the big black crystal spike that is sticking out of the Egg, but when he goes closer to examine it and touches it, it suddenly starts sucking him inside. Misty and Brock grab him, but also get pulled inside. Pikachu and Togepi try to help, but are also sucked into the crystal, despite of their big size.
Pikachu and Togepi fall through a dark space, finally landing on a hard surface. Ash, Brock, and Misty are in there too, but now Pikachu and Togepi aren't giants anymore, having returned back to their actual size. This happy moment is cut very short, as our heroes witness a huge shape of a giant, mecha-like machine coming closer. The mecha sticks out its robotic hands, and its fingers extend into branches of black crystal, surrounding Ash and the others. As they wonder what is going on, they hear a familiar and afraid voice whispering in the darkness; ''"Scared... So scared..."'' The mecha in front of them grabs an Egg, and then images of [[Pokémon Poacher Brothers|three men]] appear behind it, one of them holding an Egg that is unmistakably Larvitar's. Brock understands that they are now witnessing the moment in which Larvitar was stolen from its mother as an Egg, and those three people are the {{pkmn|poacher}}s who stole it. A loud and desperate roar then rips through the air, and the pictures of the poachers vanish, only to be replaced by another figure. The voice in the darkness, undoubtedly Larvitar's, starts desperately calling, ''"Mommy! Mommy!"'' The figure turns out to be a {{p|Tyranitar}}, which, as Misty realizes, must be Larvitar's mother. The mecha fires multiple [[Weaponry in the Pokémon world|missiles]] at Tyranitar, which roars in great pain. Ash and his friends are outraged by this, but are forced to only watch as the missiles tear a scar into Tyranitar's heavy armor, clearly wounding it. Tyranitar roars in pain and desperation, while Larvitar's desperate voice keeps calling, ''"Mommy! MOMMY!"'' Both Tyranitar and the black crystal branches then slowly disappear, with Larvitar's calls for its mother getting weaker and weaker, until they finally disappear as well. Brock realizes that this cruel way how Larvitar was separated from its mother is the reason why it fears humans so much.