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[[File:Jessie Mimikyu Disguise.png|thumb|left|200px|Disguise activated]]
Mimikyu first appeared in [[SM003]]. When the [[Team Rocket trio]] was walking through a forest on [[Melemele Island]], it jumped out of some bushes, scaring them. They initially believed it was a Pikachu. But when the head of its costume fell askew, they were scared yet again, initially thinking the Pikachu's neck was broken. [[Meowth (Team Rocket)|Meowth]] ascertained that it was not really a Pikachu, but quickly determined that it was creepy, refusing to translate its clicking-type speech. Even [[Jessie's Wobbuffet|Wobbuffet]] was acutely frightened by Mimikyu. Thinking it was a little cute, [[Jessie]] decided to catch Mimikyu anyway. Having no offensive Pokémon yet, since she left [[Jessie's Gourgeist|Gourgeist]] in [[Kanto]], she threw Meowth at Mimikyu, commanding him to do [[Fury Swipes]]. He connected, but it did no damage due to Mimikyu being a Ghost-type. Meowth continued to be scared of what Mimikyu was saying and demanded it take off its costume to fight him "fair and square" When he tried to unmask Mimikyu, it badly hexed Meowth, causing him to suffer a near-death experience. Jessie and [[James]] were able to wake Meowth up by dumping buckets of water on him. After relating his near-death experience, Meowth blamed Mimikyu for the hex.