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In the games
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'''Jupiter''' (Japanese: '''ジュピター''' ''Jupiter'') is one of [[Team Galactic]]'s four {{tc|Commander}}s in {{3v|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}.
==In the games==
In {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}, she is first seen at the uppermost floor of the [[Team Galactic Eterna Building]] in [[Eterna City]]. She is also briefly seen at [[Lake Acuity]], where she defeats the {{player}}'s {{ga|Barry|rival}} somewhat easily. She is later battled at the [[Spear Pillar]] in a Double Battle with [[Mars]] against the player and his or hertheir rival.
In {{game|Platinum}}, she and Mars quit [[Team Galactic]] because [[Charon]] has different ideals than former boss [[Cyrus]]. It is also shown that Mars and Jupiter have a mutual dislike of each other.
|style="{{roundy|80px}} border: 2px solid #{{dark color}}; background: #EE8BCD; width:80px"| [[File:Jupiter OD.png]]
| Sprite from<br>{{color2|000000|Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions|Diamond, Pearl}}, and {{color2|000000000|Pokémon Platinum Version|Platinum}}
| Overworld sprite from<br>{{color2|000000|Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions|Diamond, Pearl}}, and {{color2|000000000|Pokémon Platinum Version|Platinum}}
==In the anime==
===In the main series===
[[File:Jupiter anime.png|220px|thumb|Jupiter in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Jupiter made her debut appearance in the {{pkmn|anime}}debuted in ''[[DP097|Double Team Turnover!]]'', where she was the one to get the [[Timespace orbs|Lustrous Orb]] back from {{TRT}} after they stole it from the [[Celestic Town Historical Research Center]]. She was later assigned by Cyrus to lead the capture squad for the [[Lake guardians]], along with some assistance from {{pkmn|poacher|Pokémon hunters}}.
She was later assigned by Cyrus to lead the capture squad for the [[Lake guardians]], along with some assistance from {{pkmn|poacher|Pokémon hunters}}.
She also had a cameo appearance in ''[[DP111|Saving the World From Ruins!]]''.
Jupiter's first major appearance came in ''[[DP150|Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!]]'', where she was protecting [[Charon]] at the [[Fuego Ironworks]] while he was working on the [[Red Chain]]. She successfully captured [[Looker]], [[Jessie]] and [[James]] and later encountered {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} for the first time. During their encounter, she noted her disgust that {{p|Mesprit}}, {{p|Azelf}} and {{p|Uxie}} had chosen {{an|Dawn}}, Ash and {{an|Brock}} as their protectors rather than herself, [[Saturn]] and Mars. With the help from her {{p|Skuntank}}, Jupiter and Charon were able to make a clean getaway.
Jupiter was present when Team Galactic's plans came to a head in ''[[DP151|The Needs of the Three!]]'', where she battled the gang again. In ''[[DP152|The Battle Finale of Legend!]]'', she was asked to guard the outside of the [[Spear Pillar]] however she was quickly captured by [[Cynthia]] and was later arrested, along with Mars and Saturn.
She appeared briefly in ''[[DP191|Memories are Made of Bliss!]]'' in Team Rocket's fantasy with all the other members of Team Galactic.
This listing is of Jupiter's known Pokémon in the {{pkmn|anime}}:
|epname=Double Team Turnover!
|desc=Skuntank is Jupiter's main Pokémon, appearing alongside her in ''[[DP097|Double Team Turnover!]]''. Skuntank appears to be very loyal, remaining by Jupiter's side throughout the operation to retrieve the [[Timespace orbs|Lustrous Orb]] however it clearly also likes to sleep as it was resting while Jupiter used the [[Spear Key]] to track the orb down.
Skuntank later proved instrumental in retrieving the Lustrous Orb for Team Galactic when it saved it from being destroyed when it was thrown through the air in the midst of a battle with [[Team Rocket]], whom Skuntank then sent blasting off.
Skuntank's known moves are {{m|Hyper Beam}}, {{m|Slash}}, {{m|X-Scissor}}{{tt|*|Skuntank cannot legally learn X-Scissor in the games}}, {{m|Flamethrower}}, {{m|Toxic}}, and {{m|Iron Tail}}.}}
Jupiter also has at least one more Pokémon, as seen in ''[[DP152|The Battle Finale of Legend!]]'': when Cynthia appeared, she was seen pulling out a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}, but she didn't get a chance to release tothe Pokémon inside before Garchomp got her cornered.
====Voice actors====
|pl=Katarzyna Łaska ([[DP097]])<br>Unknown voice actress ([[DP150]]-[[DP152]])
|pt_br=Silvia Suzy ([[DP097]])<br>Tess Amorim ([[DP150]]-[[DP152]])
|es_eu=Miriam Valencia}}
|es_la=Cecilia Gómez
===In Pokémon Generations===
[[File:Jupiter PG.png|thumb|250px|Jupiter in [[Pokémon Generations]]]]
Jupiter appeared along with [[Mars]] in ''[[PG11|The New World]]''., where Sheshe watched [[Cyrus]] as he tried to create a new world using {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}}. However, they watched as {{p|Giratina}} interfered with Cyrus' plan by freeing the two Legendaries and dragging him into the [[Distortion World]].
====Voice actors====
|ja=鶏冠井美智子 ''Michiko Kaiden''
|en= Unknown
|es_eu=Marta Covas}}
==In the manga==
|img=Jupiter Tangrowth Adventures.png
|epname=Getting Past Gastrodon
|desc={{p|Tangrowth}} was used against Candice and Maylene where itshe used itsher vines and Flash to make a deadly combination with Sableye's Shadow Sneak. Using a variety of held {{Berries}}, itsher Natural Gift boasts a very flexible array of opponentsoptions itto canhelp overpower her opponents.
Tangrowth's known moves are {{m|Flash}} and {{m|Natural Gift}}.}}
** Because of this, she shares with [[Charon]] the somewhat dubious honor of being named for a dwarf planet (as his Spanish name is {{wp|Pluto|Plutón}}). Perhaps ironically, Jupiter is the largest of the eight planets, while Ceres is the smallest of the currently accepted five {{wp|dwarf planet}}s.
* Jupiter is the only person in the anime to have their name changed in the {{pmin|Israel}}i dub, due to the fact that {{wp|Jupiter}} in Hebrew is called Yupiter.
* Jupiter's {{p|Skuntank}} is underleveled during her first battle; it is at level 23, yet {{p|Stunky}} does not evolve until level 34.
|From ''{{wp|wp:Ceres (dwarf planet)|Ceres}}''.
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