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|locrse=Gift from [[Wattson]]Mauville after [[New MauvilleCity]], quest,<br>[[Mauville Game Corner]]
|locfrlg=[[Celadon Game Corner|Rocket Game Corner]]
|loccolo=[[Mt. Battle]]
|pricexd=4000[[Poké Coupon|PC]]
|locdppt=Behind [[Valley Windworks]], [[Veilstone Game Corner]]
|locxy=Prize for defeating [[Clemont]]
|locoras=Gift from [[Wattson]]Mauville after [[New MauvilleCity]] quest
|locmdrb=[[Kecleon Shop]]
|pricemdrb=8000 [[File:Poké currency.png|link=Poké]]
|sellmdrb=2000 [[File:Poké currency.png|link=Poké]]
|pricemdtds=8000 [[File:Poké currency.png|link=Poké]]
|sellmdtds=250 [[File:Poké currency.png|link=Poké]]
|locsmd=[[Kecleon Shop]]s<br>[[Glorious Gold]]
|pricesmd=1679 [[File:Poké currency VI Sprite.png|link=Poké]]<br>[[File:MDBag Gold Bar VI Sprite.png|link=Gold Bar]] 4
|sellsmd=168 [[File:Poké currency VI Sprite.png|link=Poké]]
|locsm=[[Poni Plains]]
|locusum=[[Sandy Cave]]
|locswsh=[[Glimwood Tangle]]
* In {{game|Crystal}}, it is possible to obtain two copies of TM24. If the {{player}} [[black out|whites out]] due to {{status|poison}} damage while still inside the Dragon Shrine in [[Dragon's Den]] after receiving the {{badge|Rising}}, they can return to the [[Blackthorn Gym]] to receive the reward TM from [[Clair]]. However, if the player then returns to Dragon's Den and stands on the tile directly in front of the Dragon Shrine's door, Clair will appear again and give the player another TM24.
|number=24 |