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Rising Star Duo (Trainer class)

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|name=Rising Star Duo
|jptranslit=Hōpu Conbi
|jptrans=Hope Combination
|gender=One male, one female
A '''Rising Star Duo''' (Japanese: '''エリコンビ''' ''EliteHope Combination'') is a pair of [[Pokémon Trainer]]s introduced in [[Generation VII]]. A risingRising Star Duo is depicted as a pair of male and female {{tc|Rising Star}}s who can challenge the player to a [[Double Battle]].
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{normal color light}}|bordercolor={{normal color dark}}
|frzh_yue=新星組合 ''{{tt|Sānsīng Jóuhahp|Rising Star Combination}}''
|dezh_cmn=新星組合 / 新星组合 ''{{tt|Xīnxīng Zǔhé|Rising Star Combination}}''
|itfr=Dresseurs en Herbe
|koit=Duo Giovani Speranze
|ko=호프콤비 ''Hope Combi''
|es=Dúo Promesa
[[Category:Double Battle Trainer classes]]
[[fr:Dresseurs en Herbe]]
[[it:Duo Giovani Speranze (classe allenatore)]]