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Slush Rush (Ability)

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|name=Slush Rush
|jptrans=Snow Removal
|jptranslit=Yuki Kaki
|text7=Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in a hailstorm.
'''Slush Rush''' (Japanese: '''すなゆきかき''' ''SandSnow PaddleRemoval'') is an Ability introduced in [[Generation VII]].
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{ice color}}|bordercolor={{ice color dark}}
|zh_yue=撥雪 ''{{tt|Buhtsyut|Snow Push}}
|zh_cmn=撥雪 / 拨雪 ''{{tt|Bōxuě|Snow Push}}
|ko=눈치우기 ''Nun Chiugi''
|1acolor=542b77|2acolor={{Speed color dark}}|3acolor={{Speed color dark}}|4acolor={{Normal color dark}}|5acolor={{HP color dark}}|6acolor={{Water color dark}}|7acolor=542b77|8acolor={{Water color dark}}|9acolor={{Special Attack color dark}}|10acolor={{Grass color dark}}|11acolor={{Ice color dark}}|12acolor={{Grass color dark}}|13acolor={{Rock color dark}}|14acolor={{Speed color dark}}|15acolor={{Speed color dark}}
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