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Slush Rush (Ability)

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|name=Slush Rush
|text7=Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in a hailstorm.
'''Slush Rush''' (Japanese: '''すなかき''' ''Sand Paddle'') is an Ability introduced in [[Generation VII]].

===In battle===
During a {{weather|hailstorm}}, the {{stat|Speed}} stat of Pokémon with this Ability is doubled. A Pokémon with this Ability will take no damage from the hailstorm if it otherwise would.

===Outside of battle===
Currently, its outside-of-battle effects are unknown.

==Pokémon with Slush Rush==
{{Ability/entry|027A|Sandshrew|Ice|Steel|Snow Cloak|None|Slush Rush|Alola Form}}
{{Ability/entry|028A|Sandslash|Ice|Steel|Snow Cloak|None|Slush Rush|Alola Form}}
{{Ability/entry|613|Cubchoo|Ice|Ice|Snow Cloak|Slush Rush|Rattled}}
{{Ability/entry|614|Beartic|Ice|Ice|Snow Cloak|Slush Rush|Swift Swim}}

==In other languages==
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|Chlorophyll|Swift Swim|Sand Rush|Slush Rush|
|1color={{Grass color dark}}|2color={{Water color dark}}|3color={{Ground color dark}}|4color={{Ice color dark}}
|titlea={{cat|Abilities affected by weather conditions}}
|1a=Sand Veil|2a=Swift Swim|3a=Chlorophyll|4a=Forecast|5a=Dry Skin|6a=Rain Dish|7a=Snow Cloak|8a=Hydration|9a=Solar Power|10a=Leaf Guard|11a=Ice Body|12a=Flower Gift|13a=Sand Force|14a=Sand Rush|15a=Slush Rush
|1acolor=542b77|2acolor={{Speed color dark}}|3acolor={{Speed color dark}}|4acolor={{Normal color dark}}|5acolor={{HP color dark}}|6acolor={{Water color dark}}|7acolor=542b77|8acolor={{Water color dark}}|9acolor={{Special Attack color dark}}|10acolor={{Grass color dark}}|11acolor={{Ice color dark}}|12acolor={{Grass color dark}}|13acolor={{Rock color dark}}|14acolor={{Speed color dark}}|15acolor={{Speed color dark}}


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