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'''Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors''' is the thirteenth [[season]] of the [[Pokémon anime]], following the conclusion of the [[S12|twelfth season]]. It is the fourth and final season of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}, following {{Ash}} and {{an|Dawn}} as they conclude their journey in the [[Sinnoh]] [[region]].
It is preceded by ''[[S12|Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles]]'' and is succeeded by ''[[S14|Pokémon: Black & White]]'', the first season of the dub of the {{series|Best Wishes}}, which is based on the [[Generation V]] games.
* [[Ash's Buizel]] learns {{m|Ice Punch}}. ([[DP159]])
* {{Ash}} competes in the [[Pokéathlon]]. ([[DP160]])
* {{an|Dawn}} meets up with [[Ursula]] and enters the [[Daybreak Town]] Contest, winning her 5thfifth and final [[Ribbon]], completing her requirement for the Sinnoh Grand Festival. ([[DP161]] - [[DP162]])
* {{an|Barry}} returns, revealing that he now has eight [[Badge]]s, qualifying him for the [[Sinnoh League]]. ([[DP163]])
* The location of the Sinnoh Grand Festival is revealed to be [[Lake Valor]]. ([[DP163]])
* [[Jessie]] participates in the [[Arrowroot Town]] {{pkmn|Contest}} and loses to [[Princess Salvia]] but is given the Ribbon by the latter, thereby completing her requirement for the Sinnoh Grand Festival. ([[DP171]])
* Ash and his friends arrive at [[Valor Lakefront]] for the Sinnoh Grand Festival. ([[DP173]])
* The [[Sinnoh Grand Festival]] takes place. ([[DP174]] - [[DP177]])
** Dawn, [[Zoey]], [[Nando]], Jessie, and Ursula make it pastto the [[AppealContest Battle|PerformanceBattle Stage]], while {{si|Kenny}} doesloses notin the [[Appeal|Performance Stage]]. ([[DP174]])
** Dawn battles Ursula and wins, putting her in the Top 16. Jessie, Nando, and Zoey also make it to the Top 16. ([[DP175]])
** Dawn, Zoey, Jessie, and Nando make it to the semifinals. Zoey battles Nando and wins, while Dawn defeats Jessie. ([[DP176]])
* Ash and his friends meet [[Buck]]. ([[DP181]])
* The [[Lily of the Valley Conference]] takes place. ([[DP182]] - [[DP189]])
** Ash looks over {{cat|Ash's Pokémon|his Pokémon}} at [[Professor Oak's labLaboratory]]. ([[DP182]])
** The opening ceremonies mark the beginning of the tournament, with 64 competitors present. ([[DP182]])
** InAsh thebattles firstNando round,in Ashthe battlesfirst Nandoround and wins. ([[DP183]])
** In the third round, [[Paul]] battles Barry in the third round and wins. ([[DP184]])
*** Also in the third round, Ash battles [[Conway]] in the third round and wins. Ash and Paul are paired to battle in the fourth round. ([[DP185]])
** InAsh thehas fourtha round,[[Full AshBattle]] battleswith Paul in the fourth round and wins. (The two settle their differences and end their [[DP186rival]],ry. ([[DP187DP186]], - [[DP188]])
** In the semifinals, Ash battles {{si|Tobias}} in the semifinals and loses. Ash places Top 4 while Tobias goes on to win the Lily of the Valley Conference. ([[DP189]])
** Tobias wins the Lily of the Valley Conference. ([[DP189]])
* Ash and {{an|Brock}} return to [[Kanto]] while Dawn stays in Sinnoh. ([[DP191]])