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Tangling Hair (Ability)

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|name=Tangling Hair
|jptrans=Curly Hair
|jptranslit=Kārī Heā
|text7=Currently unknown
'''Tangling Hair''' <!--(Japanese: '''カーリーヘアー''' ''Curly Hair'') -->is an [[Ability]] introduced in [[Generation VII]].
===In battle===
When a Pokémon with Tangling Hair is hit by a move that makes [[contact]], the attacking Pokémon's {{stat|Speed}} is reduced by one.
===Outside of battle===
==Pokémon with Tangling Hair==
{{abilityAbility/entry|???050A|Diglett|Ground|Steel|Sand Veil|Tangling Hair|Unknown|Alola Form}}
{{abilityAbility/entry|???051A|Dugtrio|Ground|Steel|Sand Veil|Tangling Hair|Unknown|Alola Form}}
==In other languages==
{{langtable|color={{speed color}}|bordercolor={{speed color dark}}
|zh_cmn=捲髮 / 卷发
|fr=Mèche Rebelle
|ko=컬리헤어 ''Curly Hair''
|ru=Спутавшиеся Волосы
|es=Rizos Rebeldes
{{Project Moves and Abilities notice}}
[[fr:Mèche Rebelle]]
[[it:Boccolidoro (abilità)]]