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* '''{{TCG ID|EX Ruby & Sapphire|Blaziken|3}}''' - Blaziken's ''Firestarter'' {{TCG|Poké-POWER}}, which allowed the user to attach a {{e|Fire}} Energy from the discard to one of his or her benched Pokémon, provided a way to charge up both Blaziken ex and Rayquaza ex easily. Since both of their attacks, along with Delcatty's ''Energy Draw'', discarded Energy, ''Firestarter'' was critical to maintaining a steady stream of attacks. Blaziken also served as a decent attacker in a pinch, or against decks utilizing Pokémon such as {{TCG ID|EX Sandstorm|Wobbuffet|26}} with the ''Safeguard'' {{TCG|Poké-BODY}}.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Ruby & Sapphire|Delcatty|5}}''' - Delcatty's ''Energy Draw'' Poké-POWER provided consistency, with the added effect of placing Energy in the discard for retrieval via ''Firestarter''.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua|Team Aqua's Manectric|4}}''' - ''Firestarter'' only allowed the user to attach Energy to a Benched Pokémon; by attaching that Energy to Team Aqua's Manectric, the RAMBO player could then use Team Aqua's Manectric's ''Power Shift'' to move the Energy to an active Blaziken ex or Rayquaza ex and continue attacking. Team Aqua's Manectric also served as a valuable attacker against {{TCG|Swampert/Suicune}} (officially titled ''{{TCG|Rocky Beach}}'' in its World Championships printing), another popular archetype of the era. {{TCG ID|EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua|Team Aqua's Electrike|53}}'s ''Self Charge'' attack made it possible to attack with Team Aqua's Manectric as early as the user's second turn. A player in a Water-dominated metagame may have elected to utilize two copies each of Team Aqua's Electrike and Manectric, as opposed to the 1-1 line shown in the list below.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua|Blaziken ex|89}}''' - Blaziken ex's ''Volcanic Ash'' attack was extremely powerful at the time; for a cost of {{e|Fire}}{{e|Fire}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}, ''Volcanic Ash'' could hit any Pokémon on the opponent's field for 100 damage. Though it required the user to discard two Fire Energy attached to Blaziken ex, those Energy could be reused with ''Firestarter'' and moved back to Blaziken ex with ''Power Shift'', allowing for consecutive uses of ''Volcanic Ash''.
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Dragon|Rayquaza ex|97}}''' - Rayquaza's ''Spiral Growth'' attack, similar to ''Volcanic Ash'', was very strong but required the discard of Energy to be effective. Again, ''Firestarter'' and ''Power Shift'' made it possible to use ''Spiral Growth'' for large damage repeatedly.
==Possible tech cards==
''The following cards were sometimes used in RAMBO in place of certain cards included in the above list.''
* '''{{TCG ID|EX Hidden Legends|Bellossom|16}}''' - [[Chris Fulop]] used Bellossom in his 2nd place {{TCG|2004 World Championships}} RAMBO variant <!--include info from Fulop messages here-->
* '''{{TCG|Professor Oak's Research}}''' -
* '''{{TCG|Desert Shaman}}''' - Desert Shaman had the potential to serve several purposes. It could function as a general consistency card, though it only netted the player four cards, making it largely inferior to {{TCG|TV Reporter}}, {{TCG|Steven's Advice}}, and {{TCG|Copycat}}. However, it also dropped the opponent to four cards, and therefore could grant the user card advantage if he or she already had some means to external consistency (such as {{TCG ID|EX Ruby & Sapphire|Delcatty|5}}'s ''Power Draw'') when the opponent did not. Finally, Desert Shaman could keep the user's hand low against {{TCG ID|EX Sandstorm|Gardevoir ex|96}}-based decks, minimizing the damage done by Gardevoir ex's ''Feedback''.
* '''{{TCG|Pokémon Nurse}}''' -
* '''{{TCG|Town Volunteers}}''' -
* '''{{TCG|Professor Elm's Training Method}}''' -
* '''{{TCG|Mr. Briney's Compassion}}''' -
* '''{{TCG|Archie}}''' - Archie provided a simple, consistent way to get {{TCG ID|EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua|Team Aqua's Manectric|4}} into play. However, relying on Archie removed the user's ability to use {{TCG ID|EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua|Team Aqua's Electrike|53}}'s ''Self Charge'' attack, an occasionally useful resource for getting Energy cards into play.
* '''{{TCG|Friend Ball}}''' -
* '''{{TCG|Crystal Shard}}''' -