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Infinity Energy

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'''Infinity Energy''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|{{j|∞}}|無限大}}エナジー''' ''Infinity Energy'') is a type of energy in the [[Pokémon world]] derived from the life force of Pokémon. It was developed and harnessed by the [[Devon Corporation]]. Its development also involved research into [[Mega Evolution]].
==In the games==
===Pokémon X and Y===
3,000 years prior to the events of [[Pokémon X and Y]], [[AZ]]'s [[AZ#Befriended|Floette]] died in a war. AZ created a machine to revive his Floette, powered by the life force of many Pokémon. His rage was not settled though, so he converted the machine into the [[ultimate weapon]] and used it to end the war. This energy is what [[Professor Sycamore]] believes is what makes [[Mega StonesStone]]s work. Specifically, when the weapon was fired, the power of the beam radiated the energy of {{p|Xerneas}}{{sup/6|X}}/{{p|Yveltal}}{{sup/6|Y}} across the region and infused itself into these stones.
===Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire===
|fr=Énergie {{tt|∞|Infinie}}
|it=Energia Devon
|ko={{tt|{{k|∞}}|무한대}}에너지 ''Infinity Energy''