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Brock's Crobat

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==In the anime==
====[[Original series]]====
[[File:Brock Zubat.png|left|thumb|200px|As a {{p|Zubat}}]]
In ''[[EP196|Control Freak!]]'', Brock found and agreed to help a woman who was looking for two artifacts which were supposedly buried nearby and had been used by a queen to control Pokémon. Possibly having learned to do such from his encounter with Dr. Anna, Brock was able to hook up Golbat to her computer and display a map of the underground. They reached the chamber only to find Team Rocket had beaten them there and Jessie was using the artifacts to control Pokémon. Brock's Golbat was the only Pokémon that could resist the effects of the artifacts, and countered it using its Supersonic. Jessie turned Brock's {{TP|Brock|Geodude}} and {{TP|Brock|Onix}} against him, and it was trapped under the rubble of Onix's {{m|Dig}}. Brock was able to locate Golbat under the rocks by listening carefully for the sound waves, somehow having ears sensitive enough to pick up the ultrasonic waves. They tracked down Team Rocket to find them leaving, appropriately, in a rocket. Golbat and [[Ash's Noctowl]] flew after the rocket, but could not keep up. Brock called out to Golbat, and this caused it to evolve into Crobat. It easily overtook Noctowl and the rocket and destroyed it with a Wing Attack.
===={{series|Advanced Generation series}}====
Brock's Crobat was seen when he returned home in ''[[SS001|A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!]]''.