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Pokémon (species)

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Added Surf to the typical manners-Surf is included in all six gens, so it fits just fine with the rest, while Headbutting and the PokeRadar are only in some games.
Pokémon have been, from the very beginning, spoken of as friends and partners to the [[human]]s of the Pokémon world, used to help with various tasks from constructing buildings to exploration. Many people in the Pokémon world take Pokémon with them on a {{pkmn|journey}} to gather [[Badge]]s and compete in the various [[Pokémon League]]s as {{pkmn|Trainer}}s, using them in battles against Pokémon both owned by other Trainers and {{pkmn2|wild|found in the wild}}. In [[Generation III]], the concept of [[Pokémon Contest]]s were introduced in which Trainers can compete with their Pokémon as an alternative to battling. This was replaced in [[Generation V]] by the [[Pokémon Musical]].
Across the six [[generation]]s of games, Pokémon are typically found in one of fourfive manners: encountering them in [[tall grass]], finding them in caves or ruins, going [[fishing]] for them, {{m|surf}}ing on water, or [[In-game trade|trading]] with an [[Non-player character|NPC]]. These are often joined by several more ways in which to encounter Pokémon, such as {{m|surf}}ing on water, {{m|headbutt}}ing trees, or using the [[Poké Radar]].