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Ash and Pikachu begin admiring the brilliant, star-filled night sky, when a shooting star, a symbol of good luck, runs across their field of vision. The two soon become excited about their journey, and as they drown themselves in a babble of energized chatter, Oshawott appears from behind a bush, oblivious to the two of them...
The next day, Ash wakes to find Iris missing, but nevertheless continues with his journey. He sees a {{p|Pidove}} flying above the forest, checks his Pokédex, and decides to catch herit before giving chase. Reaching a clearing where a flock of Pidove had gathered, Ash tells Pikachu to engage the closest one. Pikachu, using a super-effective Thunderbolt against Pidove, causes herit to faint. However, when Ash is about to throw a Poké Ball, the enraged flock of Pidove attacks them with {{m|Air Cutter}} and {{m|Quick Attack}}, buying enough time for the fainted Pidove to recover and flee. As the entire flock flees, Ash startsnotes feelingthat dejected,catching untilPokémon oneis particularnever Pidoveeasy, walksthen infinds frontthat ofa Ashsingle andPidove startshas pecking at theremained groundbehind.
Grabbing this opportunity, Ash commands Pikachu to use Quick Attack, and Pidove is sent flying across the ground. She then manages to get onto her feet, recovers and tries to regain an awareness of her surroundings. As she was doing so, Pikachu jumps into the air and lands an {{m|Iron Tail}} attack on Pidove, knocking her down. Ash quickly throws a Poké Ball. For a moment Ash thinks he's caught her, but Pidove breaks free.
Pidove attacks Pikachu with {{m|Gust}}, Quick Attack and then an Air Cutter. Confident, she attempts to finish Pikachu off with another Quick Attack but Pikachu jumps into the air in time to dodge. The surprised Pidove flies straight into a tree. Pikachu then prepares a Thunderbolt as Pidove gets up, scrambling to avoid the attack but fails. Ash throws the Poké Ball again and catches {{AP|Pidove}}!.
As Ash and Pikachu celebrate the success of their first catch in Unova, Iris shows up with an apple, saying that his celebration over catching a Pidove is typical of a small child's behavior. Ash exclaims that he now has a new partner when competing in the Unova League. During the conversation, Axew splits the apple from Iris and shares it with Pikachu. However, before the two Pokémon could finish eating, a pair of mechanical hands grabs them. Ash and Iris turn around to find the Team Rocket trio, standing beside the 'hands'-machine and reciting their new [[Team Rocket mottos#Unova|motto]].