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Category:Moves that cannot miss

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These moves bypass {{stat|accuracy}} checks to always hit their target. Most of these moves are still unable to hit a target in the {{cat|Moves with a semi-invulnerable turn|semi-invulnerable turn}} of a move such as {{m|Dig}} or {{m|Fly}}, but {{cat|Moves that can hit semi-invulnerable Pokémon|a select few}} can.
{{m|Blizzard}}, {{m|Hurricane}}, {{m|Thunder}}, {{cat|moves that powerbecome upstronger against a Minimized opponenttarget}}, and {{m|Toxic}} may only bypass accuracy checks under specific conditions; otherwise, they have to pass a full accuracy check like other moves.
The effects of {{a|No Guard}}, {{m|Lock-On}}, {{m|Mind Reader}}, and {{m|Telekinesis}} will also cause moves to bypass accuracy checks.