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Max and {{an|May}} sneak around to rescue Torkoal. Meowth sees them and goes to attack them but Flannery stops him with Mag's Flamethrower. Cacnea and Seviper both attack using {{m|Needle Arm}} and {{m|Bite}} but they both got hit by Slugma's Flamethrower. Flannery's Slugma evolves into {{p|Magcargo}}, and when Mr. Moore congratulates her, Flannery refers to him as grandpa, and it is revealed that he is Mr. Moore. Team Rocket comments on the absurdity of Mr. Moore spying on his own house.
Cacnea continues the battle using Pin MissleMissile, but Flannery's Magcargo and Mr. Moore's Typhlosion both uses Flamethrower to send them back. The trio is defeated in the battle, and Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} send them flying with a {{m|Thunderbolt}}. The group finishes repairing the Gym, and Mr. Moore suggests they postpone the Gym Battle until tomorrow. Mr. Moore buries Ash and Friends in the sand, and some competitive dialog is exchanged between Ash and Flannery, both excited about their upcoming Gym Battle.
==Major events==