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{{Ani|007}}{{tt|Some Stuff 'Bout Me|A.K.A. crap no one generally cares about}}{{Ani|007}}: I hate it when I just realize a typo or error AFTER PREVIEWING THINGS 10000 times! >:( Forgot quotations don't work well with the template "Tt" all the time..
'''Watch out! He's an angry, DERPY ONE!!'''
Nothing much for me to say (nothing else that can't be found in my userbox, anyway), {{tt|maybe aside from the fact that I can be a sarcastic *beep*hat|kinda stated that in the userbox, though}}, {{tt|sometimes|other times I'm a kind, caring man...or so I'm told...}}. I'm an {{tt|old|at least that's what I tell myself, others say I'm still young at the moment...}} dude that loves video games, from Pokémon obviously (and don't worry, I do enjoy all [[Generation|the Generations of Pokémon]] that I have, even if I grew up play [[Generation I|Gen 1]]), {{wp|Sonic the Hedgehog (series)|Sonic}} {{wp|Sonic the Hedgehog (character)|the Hedgehog}}, {{wp|Super Mario (series)|Mario}}, {{wp|Metroid (series)|Metroid}}, {{wp|Legend of Zelda}}, {{wp|Kirby (series)|Kirby}}, {{wp|Pikmin (series)|Pikmin}}, {{wp|Street Fighter (series)| Street Fighter}}, {{wp|Megaman|Megaman}}, {{tt|etc.|and I do mean etc!}} Also, I enjoy music, drawing, art, movies (including {{wp|Godzilla}} and other {{wp|Kaiju|monster}} movies), running, stuffz on {{tt|TV (|well, that depends on what's on. LOL)}}, comics/manga, and other stuff I'm probably too lazy to mention. I can be a bit of {{tt|a nerd|geez, no *beep*}}, but {{tt|I don't think that really matters|dang it, Captain Obvious...}}. {{tt|I've beaten Pokémon {{v2|Red}}, {{v2|Yellow}}, and {{v2|Silver}}, but I started over in Red and Silver: I messed up somewhere with a moveset in Silver and I had only two well-trained Pokémon in Red, {{p|Mewtwo}} and my {{p|Blastoise}} and I felt too lazy to train everyone else from that point|serious, who cares? Raise of hands.}}. I still haven't beaten the other Pokémon games I own, but that's for the userbox, {{tt|I guess|once again, who cares?}}.
:Also, I will state that I'm not a [[shipper]] and so far I'm not too fond of "{{tt|fanboy/fangirls|OMG! SQUEE! *insert fictional character here, in CAPS* IS SO KAWAII! XOXOX DESU DESU U HAVE TO LIEK THEM, TOO!...oh lord, did I just type that?}}", {{tt|at least to a certain degree|ironically, occasional "'squee"'s are fine and "'Hnngh"'s are, strangely, welcome...we've all have those before}}(yeah, don't care for the {{tt|fanservice for the Pokémon series either|I'm not even gonna ask why it is a thing...I'll just walk away now and try to keep what's left of my "'childhood"' in tack...LAWL}}...<small>anyone notice most of it is starting to involve...{{tt|nevermind|somethings are better left unsaid}}</small>). ಠ_ಠ Overall, don't force you opinions (or your fanservice) on to me and we'll be fine, I hope. =P
:<small>P.S. Yeah, it does say I dislike [[Cynthia]] and that I find her to be one of the {{tt|most overrated characters in the franchise|you can thank MOST of her fanbase for that one, not all, just most; though ironically, Red's fanbase is a pretty close second, if not, equally as bad in the annoying department. LAWL}} in the userbox, {{tt|deal with it|chances are, the admins won't allow bawwing about it on the talk page, this isn't really the forums or Facebook anyway}}. ಠ_ಠ</small>
If you read through all of this...well, {{tt|uhh|what the heck? Why did you read all of that?}}, here's a [[Lava Cookie|cookie]]? ^_^