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List of Seeds: price: according to a video; name & effect: according to NAWA jap wiki page
|name=Energy Seed
|currencybuy=[[File:Poké currency.png|link=Poké]]
|currencysell=[[File:Poké currency.png|link=Poké]]
|effect=Restores the user's HP by ?10. May temporarily increase the user's maximum HP if the user's HP is already full or if the user's max HP is less than 100.
|descsmd=Eating it restores HP quite a lot. Additionally, it increases your max HP only during the adventure. If your max HP is 100 or more, your max HP won't increase unless you eat it when your HP is full.
|locsmd=[[Kecleon Shop]]s, Various dungeons, {{m|Recycle}}