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This is not the only series where the female returns. The original didn't have any at the time. Plus, James didn't catch a Grass type in Kalos.
* This is the only series in which:
** {{Ash}} has two female [[Ash's friends|long-term traveling companions]].
** Ash doesand [[James]] do not use any {{type|Grass}} Pokémon.
** The [[starter Pokémon]] that Ash and his friends obtain all come directly from the [[region]]'s major [[Pokémon Professor]].
** Ash begins with a companion from the previous series: he traveled to [[Kalos]] with [[Alexa]].
** Ash releases a [[starter Pokémon]].
** Ash does not [[Ashley|cross-dress]].
** Neither {{an|Brock}} doesor not[[Tracey]] appear in the flesh or in flashbacks.
** {{Tracey}} does not appear.
** Ash's {{an|Iris|female companion}} from the previous series does not appear.
** The [[Magikarp salesman]] does not appear.
** {{an|Professor Oak}} does not meet Ash's {{ashfr|traveling companions}} in person.
** In the Japanese version, starting in ''[[XY061|An Oasis of Hope!]]'' the title card was updated to use Serena's new design. In the dub, the title card continued to use Serena's old design.
* This is the first series since the [[Original series]] in which Ash has lost two different Gym battles in the same region: he lost to [[Viola]] and [[Wulfric]].
** This is also the first series since the [[Original series]] where Ash's {{an|Iris|female companion}} from the previous series does not appear.
* Ash took longer to catch a full team of six Pokémon (including {{AP|Pikachu}}) in this series than any other series. He caught his sixth Pokémon when [[Ash's Goodra|his previously released Goodra]] returns for the [[Lumiose Conference]] in [[XY126|the 126th episode of this series]].
* This is the series in which Ash has caught the fewest number of Pokémon, having only caught five.