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| colspan="2" | {{MSP|245|Suicune}}<br>{{p|Suicune}}
| [[File:PTC AG055.png|100px]]
| AlthoughAt Togeticthe hastime, alwaysalthough hadTogetic was the only choice with an {{t|Flying|offensive advantage}} over {{t|Fighting|Tyrogue}}, Dustox wasbears the only one of the three choices which was resistant to Tyrogue at the time —a {{t|Bug|doublydouble}} {{t|Poison|resistantresistance}}, to be exact — making it debatably an equally good, if not better, choiceFighting. However, when Togetic's typing was changed inSince [[Generation VI]], ithowever, gainedboth notof onlysaid achoices doubleare resistanceequally tocorrect Tyroguedue but ato {{t|Fairy|second Super-Effective type}} ashaving well;an therefore,advantage beginningover in that generation, it is indisputably the better choiceFighting.
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| [[AG056]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|324|Torkoal}}<br>{{p|Torkoal}}
| [[File:PTC AG059.png|100px]]
| Swampert andis Larvitar are actually equally correct due to both of them beingalso {{t|Ground|both immune to and Super Effective on}} Manectric'sto {{t|Electric}} type.
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| [[AG060]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|228|Houndour}}<br>{{p|Houndour}}
| [[File:PTC AG061.png|100px]]
| Although both Volbeat andalso Chinchouhas each have one type that isan {{t|Bug|Superadvantage}} {{t|Dark|Effective}}over {{t|Electric|on}} {{t|Water|Crawdaunt}}, Chinchou is still the better choice due to its {{t|Water|resistance to one of Crawdaunt's types}}.
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| [[AG062]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|041|Zubat}}<br>{{p|Zubat}}
| [[File:PTC AG062.png|100px]]
| Since all three choices have types thatSpheal aredoes {{t|NormalWater|neutral}} {{t|Ice|onresist}} Wooper's (exceptWater forattacks, {{t|Poison|onebut thatZubat is not very effective}}), Zubat would actually be the better choice due to its {{t|Flying|immunityimmune}} to Wooper'sits {{t|Ground}} type, as opposed to Spheal's single resistance to {{t|Water}}ones.
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| [[AG063]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|318|Carvanha}}<br>{{p|Carvanha}}
| [[File:PTC AG065.png|100px]]
| Although Carvanha's {{t|Water}} typeTreecko is doublythe {{t|Rock|Super}}best {{t|Ground|Effective}}choice onbecause Larvitarit justhas as Treecko'sa {{t|Grass|resistance}} type''and'' is,double Treeckoeffectiveness isagainst stillLarvitar, thealthough betterCarvanha choicehas due to its resistance toa {{t|GroundWater|onedouble ofeffectiveness}} Larvitar'sas types}}well.
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| [[AG066]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|257|Blaziken}}<br>{{p|Blaziken}}
| [[File:PTC AG072.png|100px]]
| Onix was misspelled ''Onyx''. Blaziken isalso equallyhas asan {{t|Fire|effectiveadvantage}} {{t|Bug|against}}over Ariados {{t|Rock|as is}} Onix, which was also misspelled as ''Onyx''.
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| [[AG073]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|214|Heracross}}<br>{{p|Heracross}}
| [[File:PTC AG074.png|100px]]
| This is incorrect because Combusken is {{t|Fighting|weak}} to {{t|Psychic}}. Beautifly would be the best choice since it has an advantage and a {{t|FlyingBug|advantagedouble}} over Fighting and a double {{t|BugFlying|resistance}} to itFighting.<br>Also, Nuzleaf's name appears under Beautifly's image, but even. ifIf Nuzleaf was meant to be one of the choices, it would be the best, becausesince all choices would then be weak to one of Meditite's types, but only Nuzleaf would be {{t|Dark|immune}} to {{t|Psychic|the one it isn't weak to}}other.
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| [[AG075]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|176|Togetic}}<br>{{p|Togetic}}
| [[File:PTC AG076.png|100px]]
| Whilst Crobat andwould Togeticbe boththe havebest an advantage over Illumise due to being {{t|Flying}}-typeschoice, butTogetic Crobatwould wasalso stillbe thea bettergood choice due to itsit doublebeing resistance to Bug, until Togetic's type was changed in [[Generation VI]], making it doublypart {{t|Fairy|resistantFlying}} as well.
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| [[AG077]]