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Caterpie (Base Set 45)

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|caption={{TCG|Base Set}} print<br>Illus. [[Ken Sugimori]]
|recaption1={{TCG|Expansion Pack 20th AnniversaryEvolutions}} print<br>Illus. [[Ken Sugimori]]
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Grass|gbset={{GB|1|Evolution}}|gbid=B04|gb2set={{GB|2|Legendary Power}}|gb2id=B02}}
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Grass|expansion={{TCG|Legendary Collection}}|rarity={{rar|Common}}|cardno=69/110}}
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Grass|expansion={{TCG|Evolutions}}|rarity={{rar|Common}}|cardno=3/108|jpexpansion={{TCG|Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary}}|jprarity={{rar|C}}|jpcardno=003/087}}
===Expansion Pack 20th AnniversaryEvolutions print===
|jtrans=Spit Thread
|effect=Flip a {{TCG|coin}}. If heads, your opponent's Active Pokémon is now {{TCG|Paralyzed}}.
====Pokédex data (Expansion Pack 20th AnniversaryEvolutions print)====
|transdexdex=It is covered with a green skin. When it grows, it sheds the skin, covers itself with silk, and becomes a cocoon.
==Release information==
This card was included in the English {{TCG|Base Set}}, first released in the Japanese {{TCG|Expansion Pack}}. It was later reprinted in the English {{TCG|Base Set 2}} and {{TCG|Legendary Collection}} expansions. For the {{TCG|Evolutions}} expansion and the Japanese {{TCG|Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary}} subset during the [[Generation VI]] XY Era, it was reprinted as a {{TCG|retro card}} featuring the same artwork and an updated card template reminiscent of the Original Era layout.
|set1=Base Set
|illus1=Ken Sugimori
|set2=Expansion Pack 20th AnniversaryEvolutions
|illus2=Ken Sugimori
Early prints of the {{TCG|Base Set}} print have the HP read "HP 40" instead of "40 HP" and "Length" instead of "Weight".
{{m|String Shot}} is a [[move]] in the [[Pokémon games]] that {{p|Caterpie}} can learn. This card's Original English [[Pokédex]] entries come from {{game|Red and Blue|s}}, whereas the Japanese entry comes from {{game|Red and Green|s}}. This card's {{TCG|Expansion Pack 20th AnniversaryEvolutions}} [[Pokédex]] entry comes from {{game|Red and Green|s}} and {{game|FireRed}}.
{{Project TCG notice}}
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