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'''Pokémon X''' (Japanese: '''ポケットモンスターX''' ''Pocket Monsters X'') and '''Pokémon Y''' (Japanese: '''ポケットモンスターY''' ''Pocket Monsters Y'') are the primary [[Core series|paired versions]] of [[Generation VI]]. The games are available on the [[Nintendo 3DS]]. The games take place in the new [[Kalos]] region.
Announced on January 8, 2013 at 8 pm JST during a worldwide announcement by [[Satoru Iwata]] through [[Nintendo Direct]], the paired versions were released worldwide (except for select countries) on October 12, 2013 and are available for both retail sale and download.<ref>[ 『ポケットモンスター X・Y』ニンテンドー3DSで2013年10月、世界同時発売【画像追加】] (Japanese)</ref> All copies of the game are playable in all seven of the languages that the Pokémon games are released in: Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Korean.
* These are the first core series games not to have an introduction prior to the title screen. Instead, the introduction plays after the title screen animation.
* The Japanese and Korean logos for X and Y include the Mega Evolution sigil.
* ThisThese isare the only primary pair of games to not be followed up by a later game set in the same region.
==In other languages==