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Spoink (Pokémon)

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In the anime
==In the anime==
===In the main series===
[[File:Spoink anime.png|left|thumb|250px|Spoink in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
====Major appearances====
A {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Spoink}} first appeared in ''[[AG079|Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend]]''. The Bounce Pokémon had lost its pearl and {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} helped find the missing pearl. Spoink happened to be a kleptomaniac for anything round (especially round Pokémon) when it didn't have its pearl. The same Spoink appeared again in ''[[AG093|Clamperl of Wisdom]]'', where it loses its pearl once again. Ash and his friends go searching for another pearl, but {{TRT}} stole the only {{p|Clamperl}} that had one.
Multiple Spoink appeared in ''[[XY061|An Oasis of Hope!]]'', including one of them where it was helping Ash and his friends save its friends from a bully {{p|Grumpig}}.
====Minor appearances====
{{Ash}} used a Spoink in the first leg of the [[Pokémon Triathlon]] in ''[[DP091|One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!]]''.
A Spoink appeared in ''[[XY092|Cloudy Fate, Bright Future!]]'', under the ownership of a {{tc|Psychic}}.
====Pokédex entries====
{{Animedexbody|AG079|Spoink|Ash's Pokédex|Spoink, the Bounce Pokémon. Spoink {{m|Bounce|bounces}} around on its tail. The {{p|Clamperl|pearl}} upon its head helps to magnify its {{t|psychic}} powers. If a Spoink loses its pearl, it grows extremely tired.}}