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Alain's Charizard

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After clearing nine Trainers, Alain and Charizard dealt with [[Malva]] of the Elite Four and her {{p|Houndoom}} as the final Trainer. After Mega Evolving, Charizard was surprised by the Dark Pokémon as its Flamethrower was initially absorbed by Houndoom's {{a|Flash Fire}} Ability. Afterwards, Houndoom Mega Evolved and put Charizard on the defense with a strong Flamethrower, and when Charizard attempted to counter by taking to the sky it got pinned down by Houndoom's {{m|Smog}}. Charizard released itself with Flamethrower and went on the offense with Steel Wing, which Houndoom countered with its horns. Houndoom then pinned Charizard to the ground with its {{m|Crunch}} attack, but Charizard freed itself with a Flamethrower (which Houndoom was no longer immune to) and then blocked Houndoom's Crunch with Dragon Claw. As Houndoom went to finish it off with Crunch, Charizard used its final strength to execute a Blast Burn which managed to score a direct hit, defeating Houndoom and winning Alain the battle.
After Alain left [[Lysandre Labs]] to help Mairin's [[Chespie]] wake up from its coma, Charizard battled a Trainer's Mega {{p|Banette}}.
===In the main series===