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Loudred (Pokémon)

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Loudred is a bluepurple, bipedal Pokémon with a square build. It has a large mouth with yellow lips and peg-like teeth in each corner. When its mouth is open, its large tongue and throat are visible. Above its prominent mouth is a stubby nose. On top of its head are two short stalks that support its circular ears. The inside of its ears have alternating black and purple rings, but there is only a single black ring on the back. There are yellow stripes on its back in a pattern that resembles sound waves. It has arms with three fingers and short legs with two peg-like toes. On the sole of each foot is a yellow circle.
Loudred is able to shout at high volumes by inhaling, then exhaling using powerful stomach muscles. Additionally, its round ears serve as loudspeakers and it will stomp its feet to build power. Its powerful voice can tip trucks and splinter wooden houses, but it will be temporarily deaf when it finishes shouting. Loudred can be found in {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Cave Pokémon|caves.}}