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Happy Hour (move)

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{{MoveInfoboxIncomplete|2=Determine these interactions: contact, Protect, Magic Coat, Snatch, Bright Powder, King's Rock, sound-based}}
name=Happy Hour |n=603
jname|name=ハッピータイムHappy |Hour
jtrans=Happy Time |jname=ハッピータイム
jtranslit|jtrans=HappitaimuHappy |Time
gameimage=Happy Hour.png |jtranslit=Happitaimu
gameimagewidth|gameimage=300Happy |Hour.png
type=Normal |gameimagewidth=300
damagecategory=Status |type=Normal
basepp=30 |damagecategory=Status
maxpp=48 |basepp=30
power=— |maxpp=48
accuracy|power=— |
gen=VI |accuracy=—
category6=Cute |gen=VI
appeal6=2 |category6=Cute
jam6=0 |appeal6=2
cdesc6=Excites the audience in any kind of contest. |<!--jam6=0
touches|cdesc6=noExcites |the audience in any kind of contest.
protect=no |<!--
magiccoat|touches=no |
snatch=yes |protect=no
brightpowder=yes |magiccoat=no
kingsrock|snatch=yes |
flag7=no |brightpowder=yes
flag8=no |kingsrock=yes
|sound=yes |-->
footnotes|target= }}team
'''Happy Hour''' (Japanese: '''ハッピータイム''' ''Happy Time'') is a non-damaging {{type|Normal}} {{pkmn2|event}}-exclusive [[move]] introduced in [[Generation VI]].