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title_en=Dreams by the Yard Full!|
title_ja_trans=The SiteDream of DreamsRuins! Munna and Musharna!! |
broadcast_jp=October 21, 2010 |
broadcast_us=March 12, 2011 |
'''Dreams by the Yard Full!''' (Japanese: '''夢の跡地!ムンナとムシャーナ!!''' ''The {{tt|Site of Dreams|Dreamyard}}! Munna and Musharna!!'') is the sixth episode of the {{series|Best Wishes}}, and the 663rd episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It first aired in Japan on October 21, 2010 and in the United States on March 12, 2011.
'''Dreams by the Yard Full!''' (Japanese: '''夢の跡地!ムンナとムシャーナ!!''' ''The {{tt|Dream Ruins|Dreamyard}}! Munna and Musharna!!'') is the sixth episode of the {{series|Best Wishes}}, and the 663rd episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It first aired in Japan on October 21, 2010 and in the United States on March 12, 2011.
Prof. Fennel then talks about how she came to Striaton City when Munna detected Musharna's presence. As they drive further down to the outskirts of the city, they soon notice a strong pink light emitting from behind the trees in front of them.
The Team Rocket trio is extremely pleased with the amount of data they are receiving. While they delight in the success of their mission, a police car suddenly draws to a stop behind them, and the group emerges. Immediately, Prof. Fennel realizes what is going on: the machine Team Rocket is using is causing residual energy to react strongly. As Officer Jenny questions who the three of them are, the trio breakbreaks into their {{DL|Team Rocket Motto|Unova|motto}}, and revealreveals their identities.
As the Team Rocket trio announces that they are using the residual energy at the Dreamyard to fuel {{TRT}}'s ambition of taking over [[Unova]], Professor Fennel becomes disappointed at the thought of being involved in such a research project. Cilan then reminds her of the reason she came to the Dreamyard-- the connection between Munna and Musharna, and Munna agrees. Seemingly in response to their answer, the ground trembles, and lightning bolts rise to the sky to form a pink veil; Musharna calls out in response.
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as captures, releases, Badge/Ribbon wins, etc., go here. -->
* [[Ash's Oshawott]] is revealed to know {{m|Razor Shell}}.
* {{Ash}} defeats {{an|Cilan}}, ending his [[Striaton Gym]] challenge with two victories out of three and earnsthus earning him his first [[Unova League]] Badge, the {{badge|Trio}}.
* Ash, {{an|Iris}}, and Cilan meet [[Fennel]] for the first time.
* [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} successfully complete their mission of obtaining and transmitting data from the [[Dreamyard]].
* Cilan meets {{TRT}} for the first time.
* Ash, {{an|Iris}}, and Cilan agree to travel together through [[Unova]].
* Ash learns that [[Nacrene Gym|the next Unova Gym]] is atin [[Nacrene City]], and decides to head there.
* {{an|Giovanni}}
* [[Matori]]
* Trainers{{pkmn|Trainer}}s
* Cheerleaders
* Men (flashback)
* {{p|Meowth}} ({{TRM}})
* {{p|Axew}} ({{OP|Iris|Axew}})
* {{p|Fraxure}} ([[{{an|Iris]]}}'s; dream; debut)
* {{p|Haxorus}} ([[{{an|Iris]]}}'s; dream; debut)
* {{p|Oshawott}} ({{OP|Ash|Oshawott}})
* {{p|Tepig}} ({{OP|Ash|Tepig}})
* [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]]: {{p|Oshawott}}
* The {{m|Surf}}ing theme from {{2v2|Black|White}} is used as background music.
* This episode marks the first appearance of the redesigned [[Officer Jenny]].
* This episode shares some similarities with ''[[EP006|Clefairy and the Moon Stone]]''. It is the sixth episode of its series and involves a pink Pokémon that evolves via the {{evostone|[[Moon Stone}}]] co-starringcostarring with its evolution and a researcher from nearby city studying Pokémon in question.
* Just like in [[BW005|the previous episode]], one of the girls in the [[Striaton Gym]] is a [[Anime character recycling|look-a-likelookalike]] of [[Janet]] from ''[[AG013|All Things Bright and Beautifly!]]'', and oneanother is a look-a-likelookalike of [[Erica]] from ''[[AG115|Mean With Envy]]'' and ''[[AG116|Pacifidlog Jam]]''.
* This episode is the first of the dubbed ''[[Best Wishes {{series|Best Wishes]]''}} episodes to not use ''all'' of the original BGM.
* {{an|Cilan}}'s 'catchphrase' before performing a Pokémon evaluation in this episode is "''Time for the battle to be served!''", howeverHowever, this would quickly be replaced in future episodes by "''It's evaluating time!''".
* This is the last episode to use the old evolution effect used since the {{series|[[original}} series]]; in this case, whichit was seen in {{TP|Iris|Axew}}'s dream in this episode. [[BW020|The next time an evolution was seen]], a new evolution effect was introduced.
* Part of the [[Scholastic]] children's book "[[Ash's Triple Threat"]] is based on this episode, as well as most of the book focusing on [[BW005|the previous episode]].
* In the scene where {{p|Munna}} emits its [[Dream Mist]], {{an|Cilan}}'s eyes are drawn with visible sclerasclerae. This error is repeated when {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} confront Team Rocket{{TRT}} at the [[Dreamyard]], and when Cilan is saying goodbye to [[Chili]] and [[Cress]].
* When Munna emits its Dream Mist, {{Ash}}'s eyes are drawn in their original style. This error is repeated when the group confronts Team Rocket at the Dreamyard.
* WhenIn the scene where Ash receives the {{badge|Trio}}, Chili and hisCress friendsare confrontnot Teamwearing Rockettheir ataprons. However, in the Dreamyardnext scene, Officerthey Jenny'sare lipsticknow iswearing missingthem.
* In the scene where Ash receives the Trio Badge, Chili and Cress are not wearing their aprons. However, in the next scene, they are now wearing them.
File:Dream_Mist_anime.png|Cilan and Ash's eyes error
File:BW006_error_3.png|Cilan's eyes,and Ash's eyes, and Officer Jenny's lipstick errors
File:Cilan eyes.png|Cilan's eyes second error
|el={{tt|Όνειρα στο Φώς της Αυλής!|Dreams by the Yard Full!}}
|id={{tt|Situs Impian! Munna dan Musharna!!|Site of Dreams (Dreamyard)! Munna and Musharna!!}}
|nl={{tt|Een Tuintuin Volvol Dromendromen|A Garden Full of Dreams}}
|no={{tt|Drømmer i fulle monn!|Dreams galore!}}
|pt_br={{tt|Muitos Sonhos!|Many Dreams!}}
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