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Alain's Charizard

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In the main series
It was sent out again to face Ash's final Pokémon, Greninja. Charizard first fired off a Flamethrower while both Pokémon headed towards each other. Its attack, however, was dodged, causing it to be hit by Greninja's Cut. Charizard and Greninja then both transformed to their respective more powerful forms, Mega Charizard X and Ash-Greninja. Greninja then started attacking by charging at Charizard while using Double Team. Charizard, however, wiped out its clones with Flamethrower, creating a huge cloud of smoke. Greninja then appeared from the smoke and fired off a Water Shuriken which was countered by Charizard's Dragon Claw. Both Pokémon then engaged in a brawl using Dragon Claw and Aerial Ace, but eventually Charizard managed to outmaneuver Greninja and knock it off its feet with Dragon Claw. Charizard then fired off a Flamethrower, but Greninja used Cut to block the attack. Its next attack, Blast Burn, was also blocked as Greninja created a shockwave by slamming its Water Shuriken on the ground. As another cloud of smoke covered the field, Charizard, unable to see Greninja, was left vulnerable to a powerful Aerial Ace, slamming it onto the ground. It, however, stood up and knocked Greninja back with Dragon Claw. After clashing with Dragon Claw and Cut, Charizard attacked with Thunder Punch, but Greninja used Water Shuriken as a melee weapon to counter the attack and was able to strike Charizard with it. Alain and Ash then had their Pokémon use Blast Burn and Water Shuriken respectively with Greninja's attack changing color and to a massive size. Both Pokémon then fired off their attacks with both scoring a direct hit on their opponent, causing another explosion and leaving the battlefield covered in smoke. Although initially both Pokémon were still standing, only Charizard was able to keep itself from fainting, giving Alain the victory and making him the winner of the Lumiose Conference.
In ''[[XY132|A Towering Takeover!]]'', Charizard helped to combat the giant roots that were growing over [[Lumiose City]], after Team Flare launched their attack. It was [[XY133|later]] sent out to free {{cat|Ash's Pokémon}} from Lysandre's binds and went to face Lysandre's Pyroar and {{Shiny}} Mega {{p|Gyarados}} in battle. After Mega Evolving, Charizard tried attacking Pyroar with Dragon Claw, but it was hit hard by a super effective {{m|Stone Edge}}. [[XY134|During the continuation of the battle]], Charizard was able to hit Gyarados with several of its attacks, dealing much damage. It then caught Greninja and {{AP|Talonflame}}, after the two were knocked in the air by Gyarados's Stone Edge, but Charizard and the two Pokémon were slammed to the ground by a {{m|Dragon Tail}}. In [[XY135|the following episode]], Charizard managed to strike Gyarados with a Dragon Claw, before Pikachu finally finished the Atrocious Pokémon off with a Thunderbolt.
Charizard later helped [[Serena's Braixen]], Steven's Metagross and Professor Sycamore's {{p|Garchomp}} fight against the Megalith Zygarde. It, along with the other Pokémon, was eventually subdued by the creature's roots, but was freed by a combined attack from the Pokémon of all the [[Kalos]] [[Gym Leader]]s and [[Diantha]]. After strategizing, everyone combined their powers to fend off the Megalith Zygarde's roots, allowing Alain and Ash to reach its center and save Chespie, bringing the creature down. After the resurrection of the Megalith Zygarde, who was now controlled by Lysandre, Charizard, Greninja, and Pikachu managed to destroy Lysandre's control device, allowing [[Squishy]] and Z2 to destroy the Megalith Zygarde.