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{{Ash}}, {{an|Brock}}, and {{an|Misty}} are still on their way to return {{AP|Larvitar}} back to its home at [[Mt. Silver]] before the start of the [[Johto League]] [[Silver Conference]], with Larvitar riding in Ash's [[bag|backpack]]. As they are walking up a hillside, Larvitar, {{TP|Misty|Togepi}}, and {{AP|Pikachu}} notice something above them in the sky, and Ash, Brock, and Misty quickly turn to look upwards as well, where they see something quite odd: a dark, hole-like shape in the air. As they look at it, a Pokémon falls from it and hits Misty on the head. Brock recognizes the Pokémon as an {{p|Unown}}, which Ash then quickly scans with his [[Pokédex]]. Ash wonders where did it come from, but when he and Brock turn to look up at the sky, the hole-like gateway suddenly disappears. Ash picks the Unown up, and feels that it is hot, indicating that it is sick. Surprisingly, Misty says that not only is the Unown sick, it is also upset for getting separated from its friends. Brock asks how could Misty know about this, to which Misty replies that when the Unown hit her head, for a split second she felt as if she could read its thoughts, seeing a place that is hard to describe. Misty does so many weird gestures while trying to explain what she saw and felt, that both Ash and Brock think that Misty "got hit hard," to which Misty angrily protests that she wasn't hallucinating, but that she actually got a glimpse of the place where the Unown come from.
Ash and friends set up a camp, and, with the lack of a [[Pokémon Center]], decide to give the Unown a good, long rest to recover from its fever. When the moist towel slips off the Unown, Larvitar puts it back, showing that the two Pokémon are getting well along. As the night falls, the group sets up a campfire. While sitting around it, Brock explains that a legend has it that the Unown are said to be able to communicate with humans by using {{pkmn2|talking|telepathy}}, which is what must have happened when Misty got hit. Ash wants to help the Unown to get back home, but Brock explains that that could prove hard, as no one exactly knows where they come from, although some scientists say that they live in [[Unown dimension|another dimension]]. Just then, Unown shows a sign of recovery, as it wakes up and raises up from its blanket. Ash assures it that they will help it get back to its friends, no matter what. Misty tells Ash that he shouldn't make promises he couldn't keep, but Ash ignores her, assuring Unown that he will take it back home. Unown then falls down to its blanket, still not feeling completely okay. As Larvitar tucks the Unown in, Misty says that Larvitar must know what Unown feels like, being separated from its family.