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apricorns cannot be held Gen IV on.
Though most items can be held by a Pokémon, many have no effect while held. [[Key Item]]s and [[HM]]s cannot be held; in Generation IV, only {{p|Giratina}} can hold the [[Timespace orbs|Griseous Orb]], and [[Apricorn]]s and [[Poké Ball]]s made from them cannot be held; from Generation V onwards, [[TM]]s cannot be held. Any other type of item may be held, but [[Potion]]s, [[Revive]]s, [[herbal medicine]], [[status condition healing item]]s, [[Ether]]s, [[Vitamin]]s, [[Rare Candy|Rare Candies]], [[TM]]s, [[evolutionary stone]]s, [[Fossil]]s, [[Repel]]s, [[escape item]]s, [[battle item]]s, [[valuable item]]s, [[exchangeable item]]s, [[Apricorn]]s, [[Mulch]], [[Flute]]s, and [[Wing]]s have no effect apart from use via {{m|Fling}}. [[Poké Ball]]s have no effect while held and cannot be flung.
===List of Abilities and moves affecting held items===