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Ash's Raticate

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Undo revision 2515992 by Nutter Butter (talk)Raticate INDIRECTLY caused the events. The events centers around BOTH Butterfree and Raticate.
Raticate first appeared under the ownership of a {{tc|Gentleman}} aboard the [[S.S. Anne|St. Anne]], easily defeating a {{pkmn|Trainer}}'s {{p|Starmie}} in a {{pkmn|battle}}. Seeing how strong Raticate was, Ash challenged the Gentleman to a battle, using his {{AP|Butterfree}} against Raticate. Butterfree easily endured and dodged all of Raticate's attacks, and then {{status|paralysis|paralyzed}} it with {{m|Stun Spore}}. Before Ash could order the finishing move, however, the Gentleman called off the battle, saying that it was a draw, although Ash was close to winning.
TheAfterwards, the Gentleman latercame to tell Ash that he was so impressed with Butterfree that he wanted offeredhim to [[trade]] Raticateit for his Raticate. Ash, although being impressed of Raticate's Butterfreestrength too, was uncertain of what to do, and asked {{an|Brock}} for advice. AlthoughBrock told Ash to agree to trade, although given the fact that he was atinfatuated firstby doubtfulthe dueGentleman's tobeautiful hiswoman bondcompanion withat Butterfreethe moment, he eventuallylikely agreedwasn't even fully paying attention to what they were talking about. Thus the trade was made, andmaking Raticate joinedAsh's hisnewest Pokémon. Later Ash told {{an|Misty}} about how he was still uncertain if the Gentleman would take care of Butterfree the way he did, and was thinking if he even did the right thing by trading it partyaway.
Ash only used Raticate once, mistakenly calling it out when he wanted to use his Butterfree to help fightfighting offagainst athe group of {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}s that were on board, having momentarily forgotten the ship,trade ashad happened. Finally fully understanding how much he hadmissed momentarilyhis forgottenButterfree and how worried about its well-being he was, Ash came to realize that the trade had occured.been Realizinga hisbad mistake,idea and he beggedwould therather have his first [[caught Pokémon]] back. The Gentleman agreed to return histrade Butterfree back, whichand the Gentlemanoriginal agreedtrade towas reversed while the St. BecauseAnne ofwas sinking. Due to this delay, Ash and {{ashfr}} weregot trapped inside as the ship whensank itinto the sunkdepths. Neither Raticate noror its Trainer have been seen since.
==Personality and characteristics==