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Revist: Shuckle damage
::But you have to realize, even just with the 180, there's also the sun, the extra STAB, the x8 instead of x4, Flash fire, I know this isnt the right comparison but its Shuckle's 960 to the previous 180, now 1080, although I know it's not just multiplying the 180 with the others, Im just saying it might be possible. {{unsigned|Exultade}}
:::You appear to have forgetten to attach {{a|Dry Skin}} to the Happiny (and also that Shuckle gets STAB as well). If you'd really deperately want to know, I suggest reading the above sections first, then you could try to have a look at [[damage|this]] (or [[User:Nescientist/Damage|this]]), and at [ this]. Then you'll find that this is super complicated math (and that [ this] could help). I'm not as super confident as Pumpkinking (especially after reading the above), but I too ''believe'' Rollout to be higher. But I really don't want to calculate. Plus, I feel this isn't too important anyway. (At least not to me.) [[User:Nescientist|Nescientist]] ([[User talk:Nescientist|talk]]) 00:59, 4 October 2016 (UTC)
I do understand the huge damage difference, and forgot about dry skin. After all of that I mean it has to be close, honestly you could also put like a mega charizard-Y with blast burn, but you would also lose 30 power and no item, or we could even do like mewtwo Y, with reflect type and mimic. But after all that, I think it's probably still shuckle just because of the imense now 230 attack. We could even max attack and reflect a fire type, and mimic the move, and do that, I feel that that would do more damage, but it still could probably be rollout.
If we used shuckle, we would have an immense 2456 attack, with the blast burn, sunny day, STAB with adaptability, or just almost 5000 attack with huge power. dry skin, and 8x super effective. I feel this would do more damage than everything else. Obviously its just numbers, and very complicated, and very particular, and wont ever happen. But it's very interesting to me, just to realize that much damage.