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Guidance Ruins

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|maintype={{t|Bug}}, <small>{{t|Fighting}}, {{t|Ground}}</small>
|recruitable=No{{tt|*|These Pokémon are found and recruited via Connection Orb after completing the missions for them.}}
|teamsize=Up to 3
'''Guidance Ruins''' (Japanese: '''導きの遺跡''' ''Guidance Ruins'') is a [[Mystery dungeon|dungeon]] in [[Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon]] that is located on the [[Mystery Continent]]. It is unlocked after meeting and [[Connection Orb|connecting]] with {{p|Cresselia}} at [[Lake of Mysterious Light]]. The first time the final floor is reached, the party will find a chest that contains a {{DL|Seed|Golden Seed}}, one of the Golden Items.
==Pokémon encountered==