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Rhyhorn (Pokémon)

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In the anime
====Pokédex entries====
{{Animedexbody|EP035|Rhyhorn|Ash's Pokédex|{{tt|Rhyhorn., Athe Spikes Pokémon. WithIt's acovered hardin shella tough protectionarmor, giving its {{m|Tackle}} isattack an extraordinarily verydestructive powerfulpower.|Translated from the Japanese version}}}}
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{{Animedexbody|EP088|Rhyhorn|Ash's Pokédex|Rhyhorn, the {{tt|Spike Pokémon|Incorrect; should have said Spikes Pokémon}}. Rhyhorn is known for its physical power and its considerable offensive and defensive skills.}}
===In Pokémon Origins===
[[File:Giovanni Rhyhorn PO.png|thumb|220px|Rhyhorn in Pokémon Origins]]
A Rhyhorn appeared in ''[[PO03|File 3: Giovanni]]'', where [[Giovanni]] sent it out for his Gym battle against {{OBP|Red|Origins}}. It took out most of his team and tied against his {{p|Hitmonlee}}.
==In the manga==