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During training, the training player selects a single Pokémon of their own to battle against the defending Pokémon. Each defending Pokémon defeated will award experience to the training player and Prestige for the Gym, even if not all of the Gym's defenders are defeated.
IfPrior to August 24, 2016, if the training player's Pokémon faintsfainted, it iswould returned to the player's collectionremain at 1 HP (notafter fainted)the battle instead.
===Challenging a Gym===
During a Gym challenge, the challenging player selects six of their Pokémon; the player can select them manually or use the Shuffle button.
If all of the challenging player's Pokémon faint or time runs out, they lose the Gym battle. If all of the Gym's defending Pokémon faint, the challenger wins the Gym battle. Each defending Pokémon that is defeated will decrease the Gym's Prestige, with a bonus Prestige loss if the challenger defeats all of the Gym's defending Pokémon.
Players can work together to challenge a Gym, with the defending Pokémon's HP being shared between players. An icon with a number will appear on the left-hand side of the screen indicating the number of players currently fighting that Gym.
===Battle mechanics===
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Battles are shown with the Gym's Pokémon at the middle of a circular arena with the attacking Pokémon at the circle's edge.
Each Pokémon has twothree stats which are relevant to Pokémon battles: its HP and, its CPAttack, (Combatand Power)its Defense. A Pokémon's {{DL|Statistic|CP|Combat determinesPower}} the(CP) amountis ofderived damagefrom itthose deals, meaning that Pokémon with higher CPthree are more powerfulstats. A Pokémon loses HP when it is hit by attacks, and faints when its HP is depleted. Damage dealt by attacks is mostly determined by the user's Attack stat, the target's Defense stat, and the attack's power.
Additionally, {{DL|Damage|Type effectiveness}} applies in Pokémon GO the same way it does in the core series games, with the same [[Type/Type chart|type chart]] as the [[Generation VI]] games. The [[same-type attack bonus]] is applied, giving a 25% boost to moves of the same type as the user.
====Combat actions====
When{{incomplete|section|How a Pokémonmuch is aboutdamage toreduced useby? its Special Attack a message will appear above its head. This allows Special Attacks to be dodged, withWhen thewas correctit timing.changed?}}
When a Pokémon is about to use an attack, swiping to the left or right can cause the player's Pokémon to dodge the attack. A dodged attack will deal significantly less damage. Prior to a certain date, dodged attacks dealt no damage instead.
=====Fast Attacks=====