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XY&Z Gardevoir
==List of event Pokémon==
===Pokémon Sun and Moon pre-order Victini===
{{bulbanews|Victini code distribution announced for South Korea}}
[ This] Victini [ will be] [ distributed] to players who insert a serial code, which will be given away to players who pre-order [[Pokémon Sun and Moon|Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon]] from October 1 to November 16, 2016. The serial codes can be used to obtain Victini from October 1 to November 30, 2016.
|ability=Victory Star
|move1=Quick Attack|move1type=Normal|move1cat=Physical<!--|move2rel=yes-->
{{G6event/entrybottom|xyoras|serial code|Korean|online|October 1 to November 30, 2016}}
In all languages, the distribution text and title are in Korean, but the Wonder Card uses the {{DL|List of Wonder Cards in Generation VI|Generic}} type text in the language of the receiving game.
msg=소포는 포켓몬센터에 있는<br/>배달원에게 받으십시오!|
===XY&Z Gardevoir===
[ This] Gardevoir was distributed to players who inserted the common serial code NEWEPISODE from September 20 to November 15, 2016. The serial code was revealed on September 20, 2016 during the debut of [[XY118]] on {{wp|Tooniverse}} at 5:00 pm. It was distributed to promote the return of new episodes of the ''XY&Z'' arc of the {{series|XY}} of the [[Pokémon anime]].