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Mt. Coronet

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The cave that winds through the mountain is apparently man-made, as bridges run through it, though the higher one climbs, the more rugged it becomes. As a centerpiece of the region, the cave connects [[Oreburgh City]], [[Eterna City]], [[Hearthome City]], [[Celestic Town]], and [[Snowpoint City]] via [[Route]]s {{rtn|207|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|208|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|211|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|216|Sinnoh}}, and {{rtn|217|Sinnoh}}. To fully navigate the mountain's caves, {{m|Surf}}, {{m|Strength}}, {{m|Defog}}, {{m|Rock Smash}}, {{m|Rock Climb}}, and {{m|Waterfall}} are required.
According to legend, Mt. Coronet is where the Sinnoh region began. {{p|Arceus}} created {{p|Dialga}}, {{p|Palkia}}, and {{p|Giratina}} at the [[Spear Pillar]], as well as the {{DL|Legendary[[Timespace artifactsorbs|Adamant Orb|Adamant}}, {{DL|Legendary artifacts|Lustrous Orb|Lustrous}}, and {{DL|Legendary artifacts|Griseous Orb}}sOrbs]], then fell into an unending sleep on the [[Hall of Origin|highest point of the mountain]].
Mt. Coronet has a strong magnetic field that causes {{p|Magneton}} and {{p|Nosepass}} to evolve into {{p|Magnezone}} and {{p|Probopass}}, respectively, when leveled up here. This can still occur at the [[Spear Pillar]] and [[Hall of Origin]].
{{Itemlist|Max Revive|On the ledge east of the water area above the waterfall ''(hidden)''|Pt=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Stone Plate|Atop the waterfall, on a rock inside a small section of cave (requires {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Waterfall}}) ''(hidden)''|D=yes|P=yes|Pt=yes|display={{DL|Plate|Stone Plate}}}}
{{Itemlist|Adamant Orb|Atop the waterfall, inside a small section of cave (requires {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Waterfall}})|Pt=yes|display={{DL|Legendary[[Timespace artifactsorbs|Adamant Orb}}]]}}
{{Itemlist|Lustrous Orb|Atop the waterfall, inside a small section of cave (requires {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Waterfall}})|Pt=yes|display={{DL|Legendary[[Timespace artifactsorbs|Lustrous Orb}}]]}}