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In the anime
After Ash defeats them and wins a badge from these Gym Leaders, they rarely make an appearance afterwards, with the exception of those who choose to continue {{ashfr||travelling with him}} and their relations. These include:
* {{an|Misty}}, the Gym Leader of the [[Cerulean Gym]] was Ash's first travelling companion and stayed with him for nearly the entirety of the [[Original series]], before taking up the position of Gym Leader fulltime. While she was travelling with him, her [[DaisyThe Sensational Sisters|three]] [[Violey|elder]] [[Lily|sisters]] were in charge of the Gym.
* {{an|Brock}}, the former Gym Leader of the [[Pewter Gym]], who started travelling with Ash during the [[S01|first season]] of the Original series, in order to pursue his dream to become a [[Pokémon Breeder]]. He temporarily left Ash during the [[S02|Orange Island adventures]] to study under [[Professor Ivy]] but then 8reappears at the beginning of the [[S03|Johto League series]], and continues to travel with him all the way through the [[Advanced Generation series]] and the [[Diamond & Pearl series]]. At the end of the [[S13|Sinnoh League Victors season]] of the Diamond & Pearl series, Brock leaves the group, to pursue being a Pokémon doctor fulltime, as well as leaving the Gym to the eldest of his youngest brothers, [[Forrest]]. In Brock's absence, his father, [[Flint]] was the Gym Leader.