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Oranguru (Pokémon)

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Oranguru is a primate Pokémon; they live solitary lives deep in the forests and do not usually take much action. Instead, they position themselves high up in the trees to meditate. Long ago, people thought that Oranguru were humans who dwelled in the forest depths, so they called them “the people of the forests.” Oranguru is kind to the other Pokémon living in the forest, providing medicine for injured Pokémon and food for the hungry.
Oranguru sometimes act on their own initiative and will use items that only humans normally use. From a Trainer’s perspective, they can be hard Pokémon to handle at times. Allegedly, there have been sightings of Oranguru using Poké Balls!
The fan-like objects held by Oranguru are handmade by the Oranguru themselves. These fans appear to be made of layers of leaves bound together with Oranguru’s own fur.
==In the anime==
Oranguru is based on an {{wp|Orangutan}}.
====Name origin====
Oranguru is a combination of ''Orangutan'' and ''guru''.
==In other languages==